Zihuatanejo to Acapulco

20 Apr

‘Going loco down in Acapulco!’ know that one? Well that’s were we’re going to next, it’s 112 miles away so it’s an over nighter, but we’re getting used to them now and their not that bad! On the over nighters you get a good chance of catching fish, you get two of the best times for catching, dusk and dawn. The lines are out, I’m afraid we lost another couple of lures, the favourites from Ensenada, we also had something bend the hook out straight on the ceader plug, I didn’t see what it was but it must of been massive to bend a size 10/0 hook! We didn’t have anything on the way down to Acapulco, it’s probably mother natures way of telling us not to be so greedy, we only had a couple of brilliant Dorado the other day! On my night shift I did have the ‘green’ Dolphins make an appearance for me! We do the night watches on our own now and their only 3 hours long, we have 8 hours of darkness, which means everyone gets a good amount of hours to sleep/rest in between shifts.

We got into Acapulco bay quite early, as we were coming in a little old man was slowing going past us in his panga, I waved and shouted good morning to him, as soon as I acknoledged him he bombed it over to us, he was telling us that he has a mooring ball we can hook up on, when asked for a price he said we decide! His mooring was slightly better then some of them around us!

The boats weren’t any better


We stayed on it for a little while before deciding it’s probably not the best idea to stay on it, we anchored up right next to the main beach, in the shadows of all the skyrise hotels, where theres hotels there’s banana boats, jet skis and para sailers! The water here is probably the worst looking colour we’ve seen, infested with rubbish, scum and jellyfish, it was so bad you couldn’t see the last step of the 3 step swim ladder, but I feel as bad as the water here so out came the bucket for bath time! At least i could see if there were any jellyfish in the bucket. Fingers crossed we’re in the marina soon to get some water!

That night was interesting on the anchor, every so often the hotels would let of a handful of really loud fireworks, they didn’t half make me jump! With the dishes piling up it was decided we were going into the marina! But it was Sunday and everything comes to a stand still, it’s family day, no one really works, which didn’t go in our favour trying to get hold of the marina, we got hold of someone in the end and it was confirmed we were docking up in there. Me and Katie couldn’t of been happier, it’s the only time we can just jump if the boat and have a wander around.

Solent and Silver Lining

And wandering around is what we done, and blagged our way into the ‘private members only’ yacht club ha!


At first me and Katie didn’t really know what to do, we had the two bar tenders running around after us making sure everything’s ok, I should stop saying that I know a little Spanish, because when I say that they always go off on one and I don’t have a clue what they are saying, he could of been telling us that we’re not aloud to be there and me and Katie are just nodding and asking for beer and lemonade! It all worked out though and the two bar tenders were actually quite a laugh! The marina has a lighthouse that’s basically their mascot, but your not aloud up there, it has stairs and a balcony at the top, en route to the little boys room I found the gate that leads up the lighthouse, open!

I shouted Katie up and we were hiding from the bar tenders incase they told us off, i think it was a case of what the don’t see doesn’t harm!

Theres a Costco in Acapulco, it’s a great place to go to get provisions for a boat because everything’s in bulk! The main mode of transport here are the taxis, Beetles! Mexico is crawling with them!

It was a bit tricky to get two boats worth of food, water and beer in one little beetle so he called his mate with a bigger car for back up!

Incase your wondering Katie didn’t have chilli the night before!

We fancied some good old sight seeing, there’s a fort near the marina, so we bundled up all our laundry and grabbed a taxi to the laundrette, dropped that off and walked to the fort. We like a good old museum, especially around here because of all the Spanish invasion and all the old trade runs, and of course pirates!

One of the many cannons looking out into the bay of Acapulco

While Serena was researching places to see around here, she came across a place where people cliff dive every night on the hour, sounds interesting, we grabbed a cab and instructed the driver to take us to this place, he knew straight away and was telling us loads of handy stuff for around there! There’s a restaurant up there where you can eat dinner and have the perfect view of the cliffs, it was 400 pesos (£20) that’s for a 3 course meal and 2 drinks of choice! Not bad really! In between the dives there was Mexican dancing on a little stage which was brilliant, they were dressed in animal costumes etc, the meal wasn’t great to be honest, but I suppose your paying for the location! I don’t have any photos of the diving, only videos, I know I keep saying it but Ive still gotta get round to putting them on! The cliff divers boomed in the 1950s and there’s a wall in the restaurant with lots of famous peoples signatures on, along with the old photos of them.

Lee and Serena went out for a meal alone one night, so we stayed in for dinner, its cheaper! Anyway we get a knock on the boat, I go out and see who it is, it’s Élan with a plate of pizza! They made it all in a pan, the base consists of wholemeal flour, water and a pinch of baking soda, cook that in the pan until its nice and crispy, add the toppings and whack the lid on to melt it all! Incredible! A nice cheeky little starter!

The last night was a rush again, we didn’t end up leaving until around 10pm, we managed to get everything sorted, including re assembling Silver Linings dingy! We’re off to Huatulco after this place a few over nighters but it’s cool! We had fun in Acapulco even though all the hotels make it feel like its just out of the 80s!

Leaving Acapulco at night



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