Our journey through Central America

8 May

Now that I’ve finally caught up with where we are now, I should probably let you know what our plans are for in the near future! Another one of our rough and ready pictures I’m afraid, but hey it works! The red thin line is where we have sailed so far, all the way from Ensenada, through Guatemala, to where we are to this day, El Salvador. Thats a total of 2,461 miles! We’ve clocked the majority of those these last few weeks!

The thicker green line is our planned route through to the Panama Canal. We will be stopping in Costa Rica on the way down, I’m not sure how long were going to be there for but me and Katie are hoping it won’t be a flying visit! Costa Rica is supposed to be a sweet little place to experience. We’re going to be skipping Nicaragua because it’s meant to be rather expensive to check in, it’s not nice skipping whole countries the way we are but we need to be south ASAP, like I said before we’re chasing weather, because of this we shouldn’t be staying places for too long, so what’s the point in spending so much money checking in, only to be in a country for a couple of days? If worse comes to worse, we can dive into any of these places and anchor up in an emergency, it’s always best to have options, especially now knowing how easily something can go terribly wrong, after witnessing what happened to Silver Lining!

It may take a while to get Solent’s and also our documents sorted for transiting the Panama Canal, the least we need to sort is a Pilot to guide us through the Canal on the day and maybe line handlers. So currently we don’t know how long we will be waiting to transit. Then there’s the actuall transit through the canal, me and katie are super excited about, especially now we have been reading up on it! In a nut shell the Panama Canal connects the Atlantic to the Pacific. They began the work way back in 1880 and it was finally completed in 1914, the reason the idea of the Canal came around is because it’s too dangerous to sail around Cape Horn, having the Canal there decreases the amount of time it would take to get around the dangerous cape by half, that’s actually quite a significant amount! Just like a normal canal there’s a series of locks you have to travel through, the only thing is, your not just tied up to another yacht like you are in Eastbourne locks, your tied up next to huge tankers. Hopefully It should only take us a day to get through in all.

Once we’re through the Panama canal I think we’re going to the San Blas Islands to hang around out there for a while, that’s the black line we’ve put on in the picture, i think the plan is to wait out Hurricane season until thats over and done with in the Carribean (that’s the grey line with the big question mark slapped over it) who knows what’s after that! Its so hard to keep to a plan, it changes every day so it’s hard to say what we’re up to!

Thats the general plan anyway, the purpose of this post is to explain what we’re going to be up to next, we have exciting times ahead of us and we’re really looking forward to that!

El Salvador seems to be a great place, it has definately served us well as a decent place to relax, we have ventured out of the resort only a few times since being here, but ill get that all into the next post! But for now it’s time for bed!……it’s a hard life!


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