Bahia Del Sol, El Salvador

12 May

The last piece I published explained the exciting way we got into the marina here, thought the surf etc. I don’t think any of us really realised until later on that we’re going to have to go through all of that again sometime soon, to be able to get out! But anyway we’re here now and that’s the main thing. We’ve been here for 7 days now, we leaving tomorrow (Tuesday) it’s been great here, there’s a bar/restaurant at the end of the dock and the pool just a hop, skip and a jump from that! Me and Katie have mainly been taking huge advantage of the pool, but we have also ventured out to see some of El Salvador. A couple of days after being here we took a walk along the massive surf beach, the beach is covered in actual tree trunks that have been uprooted, I’m guessing from the esturary, maybe floating out into the sea with the tide running, then getting smashed onto the beach by the surf. There’s also a lot of rubbish on the beach, especially flip flop and trainer soles, but there not wasted by any means out here, the locals use them to start fires! The roar of the surf along the beach is another little reminder of how powerful the sea can be! We walked all the way down to the entrance of the esturary where we came in the other day, Katie spotted another sailboat out there anchored up, they must be waiting for the pilot along with the high tide to get over the bar, i wonder How they were feeling at that moment watching the surf? There’s a little village down there with a few bits and bobs, they had plenty of stares for us though, the people of El Salvador are a lot more interested in us over here, they are super friendly here though, the staff in the resorts are always friendly, but that’s their job to, it’s not until you get out away from the marinas and resorts to see what people really think of you, so far so good! There is a big big problem here with gangs, there’s two main rivals the Mara 18 and Mara Salvatrucha, we’ve heard lots of mixed stories about visiting El Salvador relating to this, I’m sure we will be just fine!

One evening most of the people with boats here were all in the pool, drinking cold beer and exchanging stories, someone came up with the brilliant idea of running up the road for Papusa’s! England has fish and chips, Mexico has tacos and El Salvador has its Papusa’s, it’s sort of like a tortilla stuffed with cheese and meats.

This is where the magic happens

There must of been 15 of us turn up at this small place, you should of seen their faces! They coped really well considering, me and Katie four Papusa’s to share with two drinks, it only came to just under five dollars!

After we finished up we ran over to the beach because Zachary has quite a bit of kerosene to get rid off, so a bonfire down the beach with a few beers was on the cards. I don’t think we will be needing shoe soles to start this particular fire though!

Zachary with his fire

We organised a driver to take us into San Salvador for the day, Lee needs to get yet more boat bits, we fancied going along for the ride so we could see some of the capital of El Salvador! The driver didn’t speak a word of English, then there’s us with very little Spanish, we worked it out anyway. Along the way we got pulled over by the police on the main road, it looked like some checkpoint, quite a few vehicles were getting pulled over with us, I think our driver may of got a ticket I’m not sure, but after 5 minutes we were on our way again

The driving here is probably just as bad as Mexico, our driver was freely overtaking stopped busses at speed, it only takes someone to step out from behind it, he did slow right down for the cows in the road, i suppose one of them would make more mess of his van! It was around an hour and a half to get to San Salvador, it was a good way to see the places along the way,

All around on the roads you see people hanging off the back of trucks, busses and pick ups, all generations of whole families in the back of a Toyota pick up! These two blokes were hanging off keeping hold onto stacks of plastic garden chairs

When we got to San Salvador the thing we noticed were all the armed guards outside the shops and businesses, this is going back to the gangs, the will come in order the owners to give them an amount of money for them to disappear for a week, if the owner refuses then things get violent. Thats why these uniformed guards are patrolling the front of places, not just little guns either, they have big old pump action shotguns. When we arrived at the boat shop the guard opened a sliding metal gate for the van to drive in, then we were locked in out of view! It turns out the boat shop wasn’t that great and we left empty handed, we went into a DIY shop and got a few things then went for lunch, we stopped at a Wendy’s, it’s a burger restaurant, but the burger meat isn’t frozen rubbish, you can even order a jacket potatoe instead of chips, I well fancied a KFC but everyone fancied Wendy’s, which did actually look better then KFC, I wasn’t let down either! It was a good burger! After lunch we popped into Walmart to get some grub for the boat, as we had the van we can replenish the dwildering beer stock! It was a good place to get some bug spray and something from the pharmacist for Katie’s bites, we’re getting eaten alive out here, poor old Katie has 19 bad ones all over! The stuff we got seems to be working now though! Serena had done a bit of looking around the Internet to see what we could see while in San Salvador. One thing that is in abundance around here are the churches and that’s what we went in search of, we had the directions for Iglesia el Rosario (Iglesia translates to church), we gave the directions to the driver and he took us straight there. When we pulled up to it in the van the driver pointed to it, we all looked at where he was pointing, looked at each other and all thought naa that can’t be it! This place is in the top 3 things to see in El Salvador, but it looks derelict!

We got out and the driver went to park up while we had a look around, i can’t see us being here too long though, walking up it Serena was saying ‘let’s just go home, we’re all tired, this isn’t what we thought it would be!’ we were all kind of in agreement until Lee walked up to the doors, he promptly told us this is the place we saw on the internet! So we went in and was completely awestruck! They have built the walls out of concrete but they have inlayed coloured glass pieces into that concrete, so when the light shines through you get an amazing coloured light show! These photos don’t do it any justice unfortunately!

After Iglesia el Rosario we made it back the van, along the way the street was packed with all sorts of street vendors selling lots of delicious smelling foods, me and Kate were still stuffed from Wendy’s, even though this stuff looked amazing we really couldn’t face eating anything else! Lee on the other hand fancied himself more Papusa’s

He got 8 Papusa’s, salad and some sauce to go with the Papusa’s all for a dollar! I had one to try and they were pretty good, these didn’t have much cheese in them but more veg which was different! There were plenty to go round and even the driver had a couple! We had been at it all day and we were all shattered so we told the driver to get us back to the marina, he must of been pretty tired after running us around all over San Salvador!

I didn’t have enough time to get my phone out to take a shot of this lot, I managed to get on after we passed, these guys rule the road out here, sometimes there’s proper real herds of them in the road, their not to quick to get out of the way though! Any way as soon as we get back I’ll be visiting the pool for a nice evening swim!


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