Bumming around Bahia de Sol

16 May

We’ve been here longer then expected mainly due to the weather, the swell over the sand bar in the entrance of the esturary has been a bit too big to exit. It’s nice here but we’ve kind of gotten into a routine that consists of, getting up for breakfast, going to the pool, having a few beers, updating you guys, then finally grabbing dinner. That’s completely fine and we’re not complaining at all, it’s just a bit ‘samey’. Katie come up with the idea of taking a walk down to the beach, if the swell is too big to get out then there should be some big surf down there, plus we need the exercise! It’s only about a 10 minute walk up to the beach, along the way we bumped into a few locals around here.

This little calf was bouncing around the foal trying to play with it, the foal didn’t really know what to do
and hid behind his mum most of the time

We had the beach to ourselves basically and it was great to have a casual stroll listening to the mighty roar of the crashing surf, as per usual, as soon as Katie was on the beach she found herself a poking stick to poke everything in her sight that looked interesting, mainly dead things! Eventually we put the stick to a creative use and came up with this! When we get the use of a laptop we thought we could use it as the heading image for the blog maybe.

Or do you think maybe this one

It was a great way to spend the afternoon together, it was nice to feel a bit of sand between the toes again! On the way back to the marina we found a pile of Coconuts, we sneaked up to it and Katie pinched one before the gardener saw us, there were also a few Cashew trees dotted around the place, the ones our guide pointed out to us the other day were too far out of bounds to get, we managed to find one were I could lob a flip flop up to knock a few fruits down! All this getting free food malarkey is becoming quite addictive, it’s definately fun!

As soon as the parrot saw the booty we had come back with he was straight over to us, I gave up one of our Cashew fruits, but I wish I never had now, I took a few bites then left it, maybe we should look up these Cashew fruits, it’s not a good sign the animals leave them! Hopefully he’s just a very picky parrot!


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