Santa Elena

23 May

We have this whole massive bay to ourselves basically, it’s so fortunate that it’s a national reserve, god knows what would of happened to it if it wasn’t, the bay is very nearly land locked except for the opening to get in, this means the water is flat calm, apparently it can blow a bit in here, we’re tucked right in behind a hill so we should be just fine! I expect if it wasn’t a reserve, being so protected, it would be crawling with beach bars and water sport noisy-ness. Costa Rica is the ‘greenest’ country in the world according to the New Economics Foundation (whoever they are!) and ranks first in the Happy Planet Index. There is great wildlife out here, the marine life is teaming, judging by all the sport fishing activity around, it’s covered in jungle, so there’s lots of Parrots, Monkeys and even Sloths. We’re actually in rainy season here now so it should be getting even more ‘greener’….just like home (kind of)

We’ve generally been mucking about on the boat, fishing and swimming, the water in Santa Elena is really clear and free from any ‘sea scum’, and it’s nice and warm! As I was saying before its rainy season in Costa Rica so everyday we get at least one storm come through, it’s nice to watch it happen from a safe anchorage, it’s another thing being in it! At least we’re topping up our fresh water though!

Here comes the rain!

Rain obviously means fresh water, fresh water means drinking water and showers! You can probably tell by the way I’m banging on about the rain, but it’s sad to say, me and Katie have actually missed the good old rain! Alright, ok, it is a tad more bearable out here because it’s still warm when it rains, you really don’t realise what you have until you loose it! Katie got down to business and started collecting the water from the downpours, and she done really well!

Every little helps, it’s actually really thirsty work too!

While Katie was busy gathering important life ensuring water, I on the other hand went for the shower option! After all, I need to keep my new golden locks in tip top condition!

Lee started feeling better, we could tell this, not by monitoring his health, but by the way he set up a halyard swing! We figured this wouldn’t be the normal behaviour of a sick man. Basically a halyard hoists a sail up in a vertical direction, all the way to the top of the mast, we tied it off so it wouldn’t all tangle half way up the rigging, then all you do is simply run off and swing out into the water, so much fun, this provided tonnes of excitement!…..simple minds n all!

There’s only so much swimming one can do, it was time for a hike. There’s quite a few rambles around this reserve, we settled on the walk to the waterfall in the end. Launching the dingy felt good, I can’t remember the last time we went out on it, me and Katie are gagging for a bit of sand between the toes, we’ve done the pools for now. So we packed the bags with the essentials, water, bug spray, camera etc and were good to go! We put in the GPS co-ordinates into the handheld and off we went in search of the waterfall. As soon as we landed on the shore we were covered in Mosquitos, we are in the jungle now the mossie’s have no mercy anymore! Everyone doused themselves in the bug sprays and headed on our way!

It was so tempting to swing off this, while beating my chest, howling like George of the Jungle, would probably pass on the jungle attire though!

Along the hike we got absolutely got caked in mud from the previous rain, there were puddles everywhere and you could see the Mosquito Larve in them, constantly you could hear the high pitch buzzing passed you ears (am I starting to make you itch yet? Because I am writing this) The ‘route’ to the waterfall took us down a stream, lined with rocks and vegetation, great, at least we get to clean our footwear! In all seriousness it was an incredible surrounding to be in, we had it all to ourselves, only sharing it with the wildlife, including huge spiders!

After a good 45 minute scramble up the stream we came to the waterfall, granted it wasn’t the biggest in the world, but it was still our own secluded, tranquil little spot. It was also a chance for me to practise using the camera in its manual mode!

The best thing about this place, is that it has a fresh water pool deep enough to properly swim in, so we all jumped in, even Katie did! It was an awesome end to the little trek, having a dip in fresh water to cool off, the bottom of the waterfall was just like a jaquzzi, the rocks were holding in the heat, along with the shallow water higher up, so the water falling was warmer then the natural pool we were in, it was great!

After getting back from the trek we made it back to Solent, and out came the fishing gear, as I’ve always told Kate, fishing is a great way to chill out and pass time, I don’t think she realised all the times I’ve gone, but I think she did this time, she was at it for hours on end, and her patience paid off at last, she caught her very first fish, without any help from me, even unhooking it on her own! She told me that she was studying how the fish were behaving, adapted the little lures to that and ended up with a fish…..maybe katie is finally coming round! Oh and Serena caught two puffer fish, I think he may of been the same one, to say the least he was a bit tricky to unhook!


While Katie was fishing and I was reading, I heard her shout ‘wow!’ I ran over to see what she was going on about, she was staring at something on her hand, it was only until I got closer I saw what it was, it was a golden bug! Very bizarre!

Oh remember me telling you about Katie ‘seeing’ things on her watches? It turns out that what she was really seeing wasn’t a figure of her imagination, or UFO’s, they were infact Fire Flies! The reason we found out is because the whole of Santa Elena bay lights up with the little creatures every night! We were cooking dinner down below and it was dark out, I looked out the window and saw this green/yellow light flashing on the window, I thought someone was shining a laser pen through for a spit second, until we realised what it was! We all went out into the cockpit to get a better view of their mesmerising light show, it was fantastic, as far as the eye could see, the dark night was lit up with a dancing light show, amazing!

We’re getting some cracking sunsets here as well so I’m going to leave a few shots I managed to get of them!

By the way guys, if your reading these posts but haven’t yet followed by email then please, feel free to, it doesnt take long and makes it so much easier for you to follow our adventure!


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