A little about me and katie


So this is just a little space to let you know a few things about us!


We have been together as a couple now for around 6 years, but we have actually known each other longer because we went to school together!

This is our little blog site for us to keep you updated along the way with our big adventure!

Basically we’re going sailing with katies sister Serena and her brother in law Lee. They have been living on their 40ft Jeanneau ‘Solent’ in San Fransico for a few years now, they planned to sail her to New Zealand from San Fransico a while back, they asked us to crew the boat on the way down to New Zealand and of course we could’nt of let that opportunity pass us by!….. so here we are.

We’re leaving England on the 16th of January to Tijuana Mexico, where we will then get a cab down to Ensenada to meet up with Serena and Lee on the boat! We have around 3 months sailing the coast of mexico around the Sea of Cortez, down to Puerto Vallarta, then crossing the Pacific to the French Polynesia Islands (which will take around a month!!!!) After the French Polynesia Islands we make our way down to New Zealand, stopping at lots of little islands along the way. The whole trip is looking to take around 13 months on the boat! So we wont be getting into New Zealand until after next christmas! When we get there we will be getting relevant visas to enable us to stay in New Zealand for a while…it might take a while to get rid of our ‘sea legs’ mind you!

We have both been saving up all the money we can get for this trip as we dont want to miss out doing anything along the way! And we are both looking forward to this incredible life changing journey!!!


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